Fernando Barista: About

About Me (Fernando)

Hey, I’m Fernando.

I’m a barista and on the side, I have a coffee roasting enterprise.

I have a coffee farm in Colombia, but I live in the US. I have my people ship the green coffee beans up here, and I do all the roasting and packaging and sales from up here.

I’d like to do roasting for other people, too. I met a woman in Miami recently and I think she’s a potential client. In fact, she’s coming up to where I am to look at my set-up, and we’re going to talk about doing business together.

Maria—that’s her name—gets green coffee beans from Venezuela. She used to have a roaster but something happened to him and now she needs a new roaster. I’m hoping that might be me.

I have a commercial-grade roaster and an industrial-grade roaster. The commercial-grade one can roast about 50 pounds of coffee at a time. The industrial-grade one can do a lot more than that, and it’s huge.

So really, I’m set up to handle as many pounds of beans as I can get. I’m just hoping that Maria will like what she sees in my shop and give me her business.

I said I’m a barista also. I have done this for about 15 years, and I really enjoy it. Before that I was a bartender. I worked in an upscale bar, and that was enjoyable. People came there to enjoy craft beers and classy drinks, not just to swig down pitchers of cheap crap to get drunk. I didn’t have to deal with too many drunk people.

But I still got tired of the bartending and that’s when I switched to coffee. I find that I enjoy working with coffee more. Maybe because it’s in my blood, so to speak. My family have been coffee farmers for a very long time.

I’ve made decent money at what I do, and I’m starting to look at investing in some real estate. I think there’s some good money to be made out there, and I’d like a piece of the action.

I’m starting to read up on real estate investing, and on some of the gurus out there who obviously know their stuff. It’s all pretty fascinating. And a bit overwhelming! But I guess I just need to start small.

You may wonder about my blog site being called songofsongs. It’s just how I refer to coffee. There’s a lot of beverages out there—songs, if you will—and I just think coffee is the best of all of them! It’s the song of all songs.

You can tell this will be a blog about coffee and about real estate. But it’s mostly just a personal blog and I’ll probably talk about other stuff as well. Whatever strikes my fancy.

Feel free to post comments if you like. I don’t mind advice or feedback. But don’t be a hater. Don’t post toxic crap. I don’t want any of that!