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    The Business of Barista

    Hi Guys,

    Fernando here. I just wanted to drop in some great training videos if you have ever been interested in becoming a barista yourself.

    The video discusses:

    How to make Amazing Espresso: 5 Easy Steps

    1. Grind Fresh Coffee
    2. Wipe out brewing cup
    3. Press Coffee down into the cup and give it a twist
    4. Ensure there is no residue or coffee left on the filter
    5. Allow to percolate for 25 seconds

    How to stretch milk for the perfect coffee: 7 Easy Steps

    1. Purge the system of air in order to NOT make bubbles.
    2. Change the texture of the milk by listening for a fizz sound before it goes above body temperature.
    3. When the milk becomes too hot to hold, it’s “done.”
    4. Wait a 10-15 seconds allowing any air to come to the surface.
    5. Knock the bottom of the cup on the counter to release any more air.
    6. Swirl the milk a bit until you can see the reflection of the lights in it. Now it is ready.
    7. Pour milk into coffee (swirl the coffee a bit before beginning).


    Watch the video for more details. I hope that you will be able to implement this in your home. Peace! Fernando.

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